Staying organized can be difficult. Whether it is work or personal tasks, there are things we need to get done, things we want to get done. Sometimes there can be so much that we don’t even know where to start. And it only gets more difficult when you have multiple projects and tasks to keep track of.

Not everyone is a Project Manager. Or knows all the tips and tricks to managing a project to completion or creating a project plan. And when you look up Project Management online, you get a lot of articles about its relation to business and teams. But what if you want to keep track of a personal project?

That is the objective of PlannerProse. To talk about planning, organizing, tasks and projects for anyone to use and learn from.

The definition of “prose” is to use ordinary or plain language. It is often used when referring to a writing style. And that is the goal. To talk about planning, organization and projects in plain language to be a resource for anyone. Whether you are in a business environment, a freelancer, a student, or just want to learn more about projects, task management, and organization.

Because when you are organized, it is easier to get the things you have to do out of the way so you can focus on things that are most important to you. To spend time on what matters most.

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